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After changing careers and moving abroad, I began to clearly see my vocation to help others, especially young ones. I decided to turn back and start over to work as a Bilingual Elementary Teacher for Houston ISD. Working with children makes me feel rewarded, accomplished, and fulfilled in a very special way. Life can sometime become difficult, but we all can be supported and guided to find the spark needed to keep growing and developing.

My job a as your school counselor is to apply and deliver the school counseling program to grow and strengthen our student’s outcomes. I advocate for equal access to education for all our children while aligning the school program with the mission, vision, and improvement plan of the campus. Other important part of my role is promoting academic, career, and social development by working with parents, teachers, administration, and community to support services and students’ achievement.

Our Counseling Program was built according to the ASCA national model to support the academic success, career preparation, and social development of our student community, applying school counseling strategies and a tiered method to meet the needs of all students.

Mission: Provide an educational service to students, offering a positive school climate to nurture acceptance, emphatic, and resilience through guided learning, small group, and individual counseling.

Vision: Every student, regardless of their cultural background, beliefs, and special needs, will have access to quality learning opportunities through the school's core values.

Resources to Spark

Career Exploration

Find resources to support you in making an informed decision for your future career.

Careers that may fit your personality:

Interest Inventory:

Career Exploration App:

Interviews, Internships and more assessments:

Academic Success

Ideas for supporting effective learning and academic readiness.

Reading and Math Skills K-5th:

Reading Skills for Middle School:

Parents’ Role in Reading Skills:

Academic and Social Development resources for parents:

Special Programs

Resources for special programs focused on connecting general instruction to specialized educational plans to meet uniqued needs.

What is EIP and 504?

Getting Help for Special Education Children:

Apps and Website for Special Education Instruction:

Special Education in our District:

Social Development

Helpful ideas for developing self interpersonal skills and respect for others.

Supporting Language Learners’ Emotional Health:

Supporting Emotional Needs for Kids with Disabilities:

Bullying Prevention Resources:

Suicide Prevention Resources:

Social Emotional Learning Resources:

Get in Touch

Contact me for questions, consultations, or potential help. 

The spark is in you, let me help you to turn it on.

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